How can we improve the ecological situation in Kazan?

Annual Speech Contest took place in the Assembly Hall, school №18 on December,1. The year 2017 is the year of ecology. As the problem of ecology has become of vital importance nowadays, the topic of this contest is called “How can we improve the ecological situation in Kazan?” It was the first experience of 7th and 8th formers in participating in such Contest. Shalimova Marina Andreevna, Urazmetova Azaliya Rafkatovna and Aygistova Tatiana Nikolaevna were the independent jury. The first place was taken by Darya Avdoshina 8A form; the second place was divided between Kamilya Galiakberova 7B form and Sofiya Emelyanova 8A form; Stas Kozharinov 7C form took the third place. We wish all the participants Good Luck next year!


Автор записи: Дмитрий Бондарцев

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