Конкурс ораторов

Annual Speech Contest took place on December,7. Each of the students were given up to 3 minutes to speak on the topic “Choosing your profession is choosing our future.” Kazan is hosting World Skills 2019 next summer. That’s why the choice of professions has become of vital importance. There were 9 participants of the 8th Form. Samigullina Elena Lvovna, Salimgareeva Nataliya Victorovna and Klukina Olga Alexandrovna were the independent jury. The first place was taken by Elina Burganova 8A form; the second place was taken by Artemiy Myasoedov 8A form; and the third place was divided between Ameliya Fakhrutdinova 8C form and Amaliya Garipova 8A form. We wish all the participants Good Luck next year!

Автор записи: Дмитрий Бондарцев

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