Speech Contest

Speech Contest took place in the assembly hall on the 5th December. 2014 is called the year of cultural heritage. That’s why the topic of the contest was called “Cultural heritage of my family”. It’s an annual event organized by V.R. Aygistova. 8th and 9th Forms did their best to show good results. Urazmetova A.R. (a teacher of English), Shalimova M.A. and Aygistova T.N. (former teachers of English) were the independent jury. There were 10 participants altogether.
Mikheeva Darya 8B took the 3rd place (teacher Zakharova G.A.), Abdullina Yulia 8B was the 2nd one (teacher Zakharova G.A.) and the best student was Fahrutdinova Zlata 9B (teacher Sanzhapova G.I.).
Hope this traditional event will be held next year!


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